Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So I was at my little guy's Kindergarten Cottage Fair.  He was so excited to share what he has been learning.  He had little songs to sing.  He just was a bundle of energy and so excited about life.  As he showed me his items, I officially met a lady named Val.  She has been in a long battle with cancer.  Every round they thought they had won has come back with another round, more wicked than the last.  She has a brain tumor and a new tumor has been discovered in her breast.  She has 4 young kids and I have been inspired by some her many battles.


If you go back to March 31st, you will see her walking again for the first time.  I cried at her amazing strength and determination.  The first time I met/saw Val was at a Zumbathon after she had finished and we had thought kicked round 1.  She had amazing energy and I don't think I had ever seen anyone jump so high!

She looked so amazing and healthy when I saw her.  I went to her blog and she got the devastating news that she is truly on borrowed time.  I feel the pain she is feeling on a level.  We are all terminal.  She just knows she has less days to count.  She hopes and prays and keeps faith still.  But to see her sweet children and I can sense her pain.  She brought them into this world to love and raise.  And her time here with them is going to be so drastically short in what she envisioned.  I think in some ways it is worse to have it hanging over your head than being taken suddenly.  The preparation may be a bittersweet blessing.  But cherishing and documenting those moments become even more important. 

I found my notebook today.  I hope to have time this weekend to share my thought and feelings about Buddy.  I am inspired today though by Val.  She has such a difficult challenge.  And I pray that her family is blessed and has much joy in the time they do have.  And I pray she gets a miracle in her life.

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