Sunday, October 7, 2012

2 songs to share.

The night my brother died, I was in a hotel in Texas alone.  It was very late and I was supposed to sleep.  I tried and just could not calm my mind.  I put my IPOD on in an attempt to calm myself enough to sleep.  These are 2 of the songs in that play list.  I listened to that same list over and over, these 2 songs were in there in both instrumental and groups singing.  I just felt inspired to post these in case they will help someone else.

This second one was song by the young women as part of camp kick off this year.  That was a powerful moment too.  As the girls sang, the audience began to stand.  I was so inspired that I went home and purchased the song along with others.  And they are the ones I picked to try and find peace.

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  1. I think maybe songs like this have such power because as the scripture says, "a hymn is a prayer unto Me." And when we pray, I.e., listen to or sing hymns, we are comforted. Thanks for sharing!