Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trying to get my groove back

So here I am with a scrap room that should inspire creativity. And it has so much in it, honestly I get overwhelmed and want to cry! When I was in Vegas, I had one bag of supplies to work on cards and I got 26 cards done in about 3 to 4 hours! And it was FUN! So I am implementing Operation Scrap Room. Basically I am going to try 31 days of scrapping. I am going to scrapbook at least 1 hour daily and if all goes well, I will be posting my creativity of the day. There is a slight chance that I may shift to quilting gears. I am going to pull out of my funk.

So today, no pictures. But hopefully tomorrow. I have two awesome Big Picture Scrapbooking classes I am taking right now. And 1 that just ended. I got nothing done during the class but am going to complete all 13 assignments!!!!

My goal with Operation Scrap Room is to discover what supplies I am actually using and then I am going to donate, sell, or trash the "junk". I hoping the 2 goals together will either get my butt in gear or at the very least organize the space. I know looking at the previous post that it looks organized. And it is but there is just too much so if anything gets slightly shifted, it cause a disaster!!!! So Day 1. I will see if I can post pics tonight, but fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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