Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2

So this is my creativity for the day. Sorry about the horrific picture quality. I usually photograph outside to get the best color, etc. But it is SO WINDY! Not to mention really, really HOT! So these will have to do. One set is inspired by the Bakers Dozen class that just wrapped up. It involved tags and the personality pics of Corwin. The other was a May Flaum challenge in Camp Scrap. The color scheme was sent by Stacy Julian as a challenge to kick off. It was a yummy looking cheeseburger. The colors were yellow (cheese), light, light orange with a hint of brown (bun), purple(onion), green (lettuce), and red (tomato). I am not in love with the layout but it did use up a bunch of scraps. Anyway, off to play. Let's see if something comes out of Saturday.

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