Sunday, February 28, 2010

So I have done some boring stuff this year....

From my first Sprint cup race. I took a ton of pictures and then crammed them. I used like 20% of them but I think I captured the day okay.
The two pages together.
Better effect on the 2 page but the single pages follow.

Remember Pocket Pages? I decided to stic a few of the cards in a pocket page and call it done.

I used some close to my heart base pages and Bo Bunny.

Digging in my stash and in my picture box. This is obviously from being pregnant with Jocelyn.
This is for my All About Me album. This one I like. Nice and simple but bold!
Amanda started this page when she was 8 or so, I just finished it up.

So my scrappy mojo is GONE! I just signed up for some Big Picture Scrapping classes to see if I can get some of it back. However!!! Here is some items done this year. I have no inspiration and was going for quantity getting done. So for those counting, that is 12 done out of 200 for the year. I have a digi page done in my Heritage Makers account but don't know how to share it. Scrap room pics coming soon. Only 1 wall done thus far.

Hopefully I will be updating soon!


  1. Good JOb!Every little bit counts!! I am still working on my scraproom I just found the floor today now to clear tables so I can get back to work.

  2. Great work Melissa.. You did a fabulous job.. I have to rearrange one more place and I will have a lot of functunality for sure.. Good to talk with ya... as always.. Keep on Scxrappin see you soon.

  3. Great job on the scrap space. I love what you did with the Nascar pictures, I might just scrapjace your idea. I have a ton of pictures from 3 different years in Vegas. I need to get started and get them scrapped.