Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trying to find my scraproom

As you can see, it is in SAD shape. I have to get back into my scrapping groove. The holidays are coming. So far I have gotten a few things back on track.

Pens are okay.
Flowers are okay. (Granted there are many more flowers in other places.)
Closet has been rediscovered and made usable again.
Paint has a good home too.
And this peg board is fun again. Makes me feel like I am shopping instead of at home. Everyone knows that cropping at the stores are fun because you shop while you crop.

More photos soon, I hope!


  1. I have a mess too Trying to work on it and shop at home also.

  2. looks like you are making ground MElissa! Keep at it! You'll be so happy when the whole room is useable!!